Gary Ryan Moving Beyond Being Good®

A conversation with Bonnie Low-Kramen and why a people-focused culture matters!

March 16, 2023 Gary Ryan Season 2023 Episode 131
Gary Ryan Moving Beyond Being Good®
A conversation with Bonnie Low-Kramen and why a people-focused culture matters!
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Gary Ryan from Organisations That Matter, and author of the #1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller "Disruption Leadership Matters - lessons for leaders from the pandemic" shares a conversation with Bonnie Low-Kramen, author of "Staff Matters - People-Focused Solutions For The Ultimate Workplace".

Bonnie was Academy Award winning actor Olympia Dukakis' Personal Assistant for 25 years. Bonnie learned extraordinary lessons about leadership and a people focused culture in her time with Olympia. In 2011, Bonnie created her business to train Personal & Executive Assistants, as limited training existed at the time. Bonnie's training includes enabling the Assistants to teach their manager how to best use their skills.

Having taught thousands of Assistants in 14 countries and 20 states within the USA, Bonnie has heard first-hand about the culture crisis that exists in many organisations. 

93% of Bonnie's attendees are women, and as such Bonnie has become acutely aware of the challenges that women and people of other non-male genders experience in the workplace. And it isn't a pretty picture. Thankfully, Bonnie has solutions that you won't want to miss, and I'm confident you will enjoy every second of this conversation.

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Bonnie has no choice but to move ahead with Staff Matters
Jason Lippert LCI Industries
Building a safe bus
The disconnect - what leaders are doing it right?
What the Assistants of the world want
The damage caused by not having the people piece
Why Bonnie got up at 4am for our conversation
Bob Chapman and genuine care for people
The post-pandemic "Pivotal time"
Ask first
The chosen ones
What troubles Bonnie
What Bonnie decided to expose
OIympia Dukakis
How to support women
Make it safe to speak up