Gary Ryan Moving Beyond Being Good®

An Interview With The No Bullsh!t Leader

August 19, 2023 Gary Ryan Season 2023 Episode 143
Gary Ryan Moving Beyond Being Good®
An Interview With The No Bullsh!t Leader
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"Gary Ryan interviews Martin G Moore, the No Bullsh!t Leader. 

He isn’t a theorist—everything Marty's learned has been through his personal experience and performance in the trenches!

A university law school dropout, he worked his way up to hold corporate executive roles in Strategy, Technology, Finance, and Sales & Marketing.

As CEO of multi-billion dollar company, CS Energy, he drove a remarkable performance turnaround, growing EBITDA from $17 million to $441 million in just 5 years. This 125% compound annual growth rate in earnings is virtually unheard of.

In 2018 he left the corporate world to create Your CEO Mentor, the business he founded with his daughter, Emma Green. Since then, his direct, cut-through approach has made No Bullsh!t Leadership one of the top leadership podcasts globally, with over 4 million downloads in 150+ countries, and his book debuted at #2 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list.

His sole purpose is to improve the quality of leaders, globally.

In the episode you will learn:

  • What Marty means by "No Bullsh!t Leadership"
  • Marty's view on the state of leadership in the world, today
  • How many times the word, "Bullsh!t" is used in Marty's Wall Street Journal Bestseller, "No Bullsh!t Leadership"
  • Marty's key insights about decision-making process
  • The interplay between confidence, arrogance, and self-doubt
  • Marty's lessons from transitioning from being a CEO to a consultant the Your CEO Mentor
  • And much more (pardon the pun)

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Marty's view on the current state of global leadership
Strong and empathetic leadership
Decision making
The word Bullsh!t
Marty's superpower
CS Energy CEO role
Confidence, arrogance, and self-doubt
Seeking mentorship
CEO to consultant transition
The Power of Focus!