Gary Ryan Moving Beyond Being Good®

An Interview with "Wonder Woman" Alison Wheeler

August 26, 2023 Gary Ryan Season 2023 Episode 144
Gary Ryan Moving Beyond Being Good®
An Interview with "Wonder Woman" Alison Wheeler
Show Notes

Alison Wheeler is an ex-elite athlete across multiple sports; rowing, triathlon, weightlifting, cross-fit, and body-building. Alison is also a Bestselling author with her book "Living from the inside out - How to become a modern day Wonder Woman", and has been a Success Coach since 2009. As a 10X Business Coach, Alison helps businesses grow their income, which is something I know every business aims to do.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The difference between being Super Woman compared to Wonder Woman
  • The Number One focus every business owner should know if they want to grow their income
  • The role purpose plays in being able to help people buy your products and services
  • How to short-cut moving from being an amateur to a professional
  • How to avoid burnout
  • What do do if you get stuck and can't find the answer to a big question
  • And much more about the transferable skills of an elite athlete into the business world

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