Gary Ryan Moving Beyond Being Good®

George Harrak CIO Al Hilal Bank United Arab Emirates

September 16, 2023 Gary Ryan Season 2023 Episode 147
Gary Ryan Moving Beyond Being Good®
George Harrak CIO Al Hilal Bank United Arab Emirates
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Gary Ryan interviews George Harrak, CIO at Al Hilal Bank, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

George has had an incredible career working with some of the biggest banks in the Asian Pacific Region, then moving to Dubai.

George's history includes ANZ Bank, Standard Chartered, DBS Bank, and now Al Hilal Bank.

George is a digital banking expert and led DBS Digital Bank to the prestigious Euromoney's World Best Digital Bank  in 2016, the first Asian bank to win this award. 

As a result of his success at DBS Bank, which included attracting 1,000,000 new customers over 12-months in India, George was recruited to lead the project of creating the digital bank for Al Hilal Bank in Dubai.

Throughout his journey George has led international teams with as many as 1,000 developers.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • An expats journey from Australia, to Singapore, to Dubai
  • How George's three children and wife sealed the deal on moving to Singapore
  • How George has been at the bow-wave of digital banking
  • George's perspective on vision and the power of visionary leaders
  • How George supports and nurtures team members even though he knows they will be 'poached'
  • Meeting Sachin Tendulkar
  • The magical city of Dubai
  • How Al Hilal Bank has become "The Family Bank"
  • The circle of life when leaders from ANZ Bank came to Dubai to research what George and the Al Hilal Bank team have done with digital banking
  • The higher purpose that stimulated George to enter the boxing ring
  • And much more

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The magical city of Dubai
Opportunity in Dubai
Al Hilal Bank
The circle of life
Visionary leaders
A mix of old and new
Make the best of the opportunity
Leadership attributes
The move to Singapore
Global citizens
Due diligence
The power of networking
Boxing for a purpose