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Mastering the Transition: How Ryan Gonsalves Supports Elite Athletes

October 21, 2023 Gary Ryan Season 2023 Episode 152
Gary Ryan Moving Beyond Being Good®
Mastering the Transition: How Ryan Gonsalves Supports Elite Athletes
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Ryan Gonsalves is the Founder and CEO of and serves elite athletes as they transition into the next stage of their career.

As an elite athlete himself, having played for Huddersfield Town Football Club in the English Football League, and then transitioned into financial services working for big brands GE Money and HSBC, Ryan is perfectly suited to lead athletes through their career transition.

Ryan is naturally curious and this has taken him out of England to work in Australia, Hong Kong, and back to Australia again. He and his wife have three sons and reside in Sydney, Australia.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Ryan's career and why he left the UK to live in Australia and Hong Kong since 2002 
  • How Ryan managed the impact of the GFC on his role at GE Money
  • Why living in Hong Kong and working for HSBC were incredible years
  • Why the elite sporting background of an athlete creates common ground from a career transition perspective no matter what sport they played
  • How developing and fringe players can prepare for career transition
  • Who is responsible for an elite athlete's career transition?
  • Why urgency and agency matter
  • And  much more...

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Ryan's Career Story
Where's The Next Challenge?
GE Money and The GFC
How Are Athletes Finding 2ndWind?
The Sport Doesn't Matter
Fringe Players
Who Is Responsible For An Athlete's Career Transition?
Urgency and Agency